Thursday, April 13, 2017


After spending 13 years in a High Desert environment, the rains in Oregon’s Willamette Valley were a welcome change. Walks in a gentle rain are not uncommon. However, this winter has been an unusually ‘WET’ one. The desire to take walks when it’s raining and the winds are 20-40 mph has become less frequent, causing the feeling of becoming ‘House-bound’.  As one to frequently use the adage that a “Bad day at the Beach is better than a Good day at Work”, the feeling of a need to GO WEST for a few days won out.

We opted to stay overlooking the harbor so that if it did continue to rain, we would at least have a pleasant view.  Since the showers came and went throughout the day, we managed a walk along the harbor without getting too wet. 

Although there were no spectacular sunsets, it was a pleasant and restful getaway. When we were just relaxing, we were entertained by the seals swimming in front of our deck, taking their fill of the fresh fish.